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2015 Meeting
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2015 SUO/AADO/OPDO Combined Meeting
Challenges in Otolaryngology Education
November 13-15, 2015

Dear SUO Members and Friends:

The theme of this year’s SUO/AADO/OPDO Combined Meeting is “Challenges in Otolaryngology Education.” Perhaps I state the obvious, but we are and have been in a rapidly changing environment in Healthcare. In the midst of this, we are “challenged” with preserving what is best of our foundational principles while embracing innovation, technology and complex systems. The SUO and SUO/AADO/OPDO Combined Meeting embrace this challenge. There is not a better organization or meeting to learn, share and create with respect to Otolaryngology education. We are committed to continue this legacy in 2015 and beyond! The 2015 SUO/AADO/OPDO Combined Meeting will be highlighted by an excellent set of keynote presentations and panels dealing with a broad range of educational activities and challenges. SUO is expanding its partnerships with the ACGME-RRC in Otolaryngology, the Triological Society, the American Academy of Otolaryngology‐HNS (especially the Section on Residents and Fellows), and the American Board of Otolaryngology. You will see this collaboration in its new and expanded form at this year’s meeting. Furthermore, I am excited to see further growth and significant advancement of our efforts in a commitment to diversity and inclusion of residents and fellows as stakeholders in our mission. Our diversity initiatives have moved forward with continued efforts thanks to many, but especially Drs. Kathy Yaremchuk and Howard Francis. We have further strengthened our commitment to encouraging diversity in Academic Otolaryngology by making this effort a formal SUO/AADO/OPDO collaborative committee that will provide significant input for this year’s and future SUO/AADO/OPDO Combined Meeting programs. The Resident Section is also now a standing committee and will have annual input into our program. Furthermore, financial support for resident participation in the meeting for SRF officers and even more residents is increasing. I am particularly delighted that one of our Keynote Speaker’s this year is an esteemed Medical Educator and innovator, Dr. Kenneth Ludmerer, who will discuss Let Me Heal, a wonderful book outlining the history of graduate medical education in the United States, and its implications for our future. I firmly believe that we face our educational challenges best as a community. SUO is dedicated to being the premier organization and meeting committed to improvement of Otolaryngology education and support of the Otolaryngology educator. We greatly appreciate our Members, new, old and future! We hope to see you in Washington as we meet the “Challenges in Otolaryngology Education.”

Sincerely, Jeffrey M. Bumpous, M.D., F.A.C.S.
President, Society of University Otolaryngologist


2015 Dear Program Directors, It is with great pleasure that I provide an invitation to attend this year’s SUO/AADO/OPDO Combined Meeting in Washington, D.C., November 13-15. The OPDO has held a meeting dedicated to issues of importance to program directors and associate program directors on the Friday preceding the SUO meeting for a number of years. Biannually, we have held a workshop and this year, we will hold multiple panels and interactive discussions around this year’s meeting theme “Challenges in Otolaryngology Education.” The change in the ACGME accreditation process has been tremendous, yet invigorating to the majority of program directors. Along with this change have come new challenges and methodologies for our educational process. The program will address a many of these issues including management of the troubled resident and while it is rare, it is something that sooner or later most program directors will have to manage. The organization has moved forward with a number of innovative projects. The transfer of our management to the American College of Surgeons has allowed us to direct our energies and will help ensure that all Program Directors are members of the OPDO. We also have instituted an informational process that will determine and allow the prospective resident to see and obtain more information as to the whole application process. It is our hope that we can expand this to provide information as to interview dates when they are available. This meeting has consistently been one of my favorite and most useful from an educational perspective. The quality of material presented by experts in the field and the level of knowledge of the audience with their insightful comments has always let me take home an abundance of useful information. Our group is fantastic and I truly look forward to participating, listening and learning. See you in Washington, D.C.

Mark K Wax MD
Professor Otolaryngology
Professor Oral Maxilo Facial Surgery
Program Director Director
Microvascular Reconstructive Surgery
Past-President American Head and Neck Society