2016 Otolaryngology Interview Offer Dates

Over the last two years, OPDO has implemented a timeline to improve the Otolaryngology Resident interview process. We will continue this process again this year, which requests all programs to offer interviews to candidates during a standard, three-week period. This year, programs are encouraged to deliver interview invitations between October 24 and November 11.

Implementing a standard time period during which offers are extended provides applicants an opportunity to plan their interviews, and lessens the stress of an already complex process. It also allows us to stabilize the process on the program side. If we ensure that all offers are extended in a timely manner over a fixed period, we expect candidates that have received all offers are less likely to cancel or "hold" a spot.

If there are reasons why you cannot abide by this timetable, please let one of us know.

Thank you in advance and best of luck to all.

Marita Teng, MD, FACS
President, OPDO

Carol Bradford, MD, FACS
President, SUO

David Eisele, MD, FACS
President, AADO

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